What is a Virtual Assistant??

Even though Virtual Assistants are becoming more recognised in Perth, there are still a lot of people/business owners who still don't know what a Virtual Assistant is.

A Virtual Assistant is someone who provides offsite admin work to businesses, sole traders and individuals.

The tasks a Virtual Assistant provides is endless and each Virtual Assistant offers different services.

Virtual Assistants have opened up a whole new avenue for business owners who don't have the need to employ someone on a regular basis, but still needs the help getting their admin work done.

A business owner can use a Virtual Assistant on a need to need basis or on a regular basis

Isn't it expensive to use a Virtual Assistant??
No not at all.  Remember, you are only using a Virtual Assistant when you need them or on certain set tasks, therefore you will only be charged for the time they spend on your job.

Depending on the task and the complexity of the job will depend on the cost as well, and all Virtual Assistants charge different rates.

If you have a budget you need to stick to, talk to your Virtual Assistant about this so she/he can work within your budget.
Secretary at workplace
Young businesswoman working in office


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