Choosing the right Virtual Assistant for your business

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With so many virtual assistants out their, finding the right one can be hard.  Virtual assistant’s specialise in many different things from admin, bookkeeping, reception to social media.  It’s important you choose the right virtual assistant that compliments your business.

What exactly do you want your Virtual Assistant to do??

It is important you know exactly what you want your virtual assistant to do.  Are you after someone to look after your admin & bookkeeping??  Do you travel a lot for business therefor you need someone to take care of your travel & accommodation needs??  Are you out of your office most of the day and need a virtual receptionist??  Started dabbling in social media and it takes up too much of your time and need someone to take care of this for you??

Do you want a virtual assistant who does everything or are you happy to have a virtual assistant to take care of your books, another to take care of your admin and another one who looks after your social media??

Once you know where you need the help you will see the benefit in using a virtual assistant.


Is it important your virtual assistant is located locally??  For some business owners this is important.  Ask where they are located, especially if you need your virtual assistant to come to your office on occasion or need to meet with your virtual assistant on various matters.


On average a virtual assistant will charge between $30-$35 per hour for general admin, depending on what you want your virtual assistant to do will depend on the cost.  For example bookkeepers will charge a different rate to a virtual assistant who does general admin work.

If you have a monthly budget, discuss this with your virtual assistant.  Costs can vary from virtual assistant to virtual assistant.

Where to start looking for a Virtual Assistant

Naturally most people will go straight to the internet to look for one.  Have you thought to ask fellow business associates if they know of a virtual assistant they could recommend??  You might be surprised how many business people use a virtual assistant now or know of one.

We always ask friends & family if they can recommend a tradesman, why not ask to see who can recommend a virtual assistant.  Even ask friends & family, its not just businesses who use virtual assistants.

Do you need your Virtual Assistant to occasionally work in your office??

You might have certain tasks that requires someone to work from your office occasionally.  You will need to check with your virtual assistant if she/he can or are happy to work from your office when required.  Not all virtual assistants can.

Meeting your Virtual Assistant

Before starting a working relationship with your virtual assistant, feel free to organise a time to  meet and discuss your needs and what you want her/him to do.

Even though it is a virtual working relationship it is always nice to put a face to a name and meet your clients in person or even via Skype!!!

There are a lot of virtual assistants out there, it is important you find the right one of your business!!

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