Are you ready to start Outsourcing


As business owners we are always hearing about outsourcing tasks to help with our workload.  We all know we need to do this when we are finding our workload overwhelming, but it is a huge step for some business owners.

If you have now reached the stage to start outsourcing certain tasks, why haven’t you?  Why are you working long hours when you should be spending time with your family and/or friends?

For some business owners, they have some real concerns when it comes to outsourcing, is it because you are concerned about the following:

  • Will the task/s be done at the same high standard as I do them?
  • Will the task/s be done on time?
  • Will they treat my clients respectfully and go that extra mile?
  • Will they represent my business professionally?
  • Will they let me down? i.e. not complete the job or pinch clients from me

When you have built up your business from scratch and done it all yourself, you will have a lot of concerns when it comes to outsourcing certain tasks or jobs.

What can you outsource?

Depending on your business, this can be any job or task.  Every industry is different and every business owner needs help with different things.

The  most common areas that get outsourced are:

  • Admin
  • Bookkeeping
  • Reception
  • IT
  • Printing

If your not quite ready to outsource business tasks, have you considered outsourcing personal tasks?  This can free up a lot of time to give you more time to work in your business.  For example:

  • Cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Lawn mowing
  • Pool cleaning

There are businesses out there who specialise in taking care of personal tasks, like shopping for gifts, waiting for tradesman, organising birthday events, the list is endless.  We don’t realise how much time is taken up attending to personal matters as well.

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