Is A Virtual Assistant my employee?

No, a virtual assistant is a business owner just like you.

If you are needing admin help this is where you need to decide if you are going to use a virtual assistant or employ someone on a full time, part time or casual basis.

If you do go down the virtual assistant path you need to be very mindful that your virtual assistant is not an employee.  Let your virtual assistant know where you need the help, how many hours you require from your virtual assistant and check with her if she is able to take you on as client.

Your virtual assistant in turn will let you know if she can do the tasks you need help with, if she can take you on as a client and advise accordingly her costs and Terms & Conditions.

Because your virtual assistant is a business owner just like you, she is invested in the success of her clients.  She knows if her clients’ business succeeds, so too does her business.

A virtual assistant is dedicated to helping you grow the business you desire.

Young female writing notes while talking on phone

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