How much does a VA cost?

This varies amongst virtual assistants and will depend on the skill and complexity of the task.  A general guide is that it can cost anywhere between $25 to $95 per hour.  If you are looking at using a virtual assistant for general admin work the hourly rate will be around $25 up to $35 per hour.

Don’t be focused on the hourly rate when it comes to looking at using a virtual assistant, look at the whole picture:

  • What task/s am I needing help with?
  • By not doing them myself how much time & money am I saving?
  • By using a virtual assistant I’m not paying her taxes, super, holiday & sick leave, so I am saving money compared to if I employ someone.
  • When using a virtual assistant I only pay for the time spent on my task/s.

If you do have a budget to work to, discuss this with your VA, she will work within your budget to get the tasks completed.

It is important to remember a VA is invested in the success of her clients.  She knows that if her clients’ business succeeds, so too does her business.

A VA is dedicated to helping you grow the business you desire.


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