How do I know if I can trust the VA?

You need to be comfortable with the VA you hire and should undertake your own due diligence in the selection process.  Some suggestions of areas that may go towards establishing trustworthiness include:

Does the VA have a professional and well written website?

Has the VA shown she is capable of providing the service you require? e.g. if you need a copywriter, how well is her website written?

Is the VA’s business her only project or is she juggling multiple businesses?

Is there any proof that others have been happy with the service the VA provides?

Usually a VA will offer a complimentary consultation whereby you will both get a good indication whether you are a mutually beneficial fit. Take the time to observe her behaviour and the initiation shown.

If you are new to the concept of outsourcing, start by giving your VA small tasks; perhaps a monthly newsletter.  As you become more confident in your VA you can increase the complexity of the tasks you give her.

It is important to remember a VA is invested in the success of her clients. She knows that if her clients’ business succeeds, so too does her business.

A VA is dedicated to helping you grow the business you desire.

Cheerful businesswoman using computer and phone

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